Friday, January 22, 2010

on wednesday night, nico & I dropped my vehicle off at the local ntb. we'd had the oil changed, and the tires rotated and balanced there on saturday evening & when I'd picked it up, it started making noises when I braked - clunkclunkclunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk

so, we called them sunday & were finally able to drop the car off wednesday on the way to lifehouse. nico got a horrible migraine at lifehouse, so we ended up going straight home in order for him to go to bed. the next morning, thursday, was his first day of school, so he got up early, all chipper from the relief of the migraine being gone, did his morning getting-ready-for-school stuff and left.

I was partially awake during all this - sort of hazy-in-between - and hearing him walk out the door, my fuzzy thought was "well, my car obviously isn't in the driveway, so he'll obviously know not to take both sets of keys: to his car & our extra". The tags, you see, on the extra, are expired, but I figured if nothing else, I could drive it to pick up my car & then leave it at ntb for us to pick up later.

upon getting out of bed an hour or so later, though (I have a late shift at work), I go to looking for the keys, any keys, to the extra, and they are nowhere to be found. I called and texted nico but didn't get a response, due to him being in class. we have a neighbor that has his own business, and when I looked out the window, his truck was in his driveway, so I thought that maybe I could have him run me over to the ntb, but I wanted to call them first to make sure it was ok that I drive the car - by the time I got off the phone, his truck had disappeared & when I called him to see if he might maybe be back anytime soon, he said it probably wouldn't be til that evening.

so I called my tl & let her know what was going on. sweetheart that she is, she said that she would drive to my house & pick me up to drop me off at ntb, but she lives over by me which means that we work approx. 35 miles away from work. one way. and I would have felt mad guilty for doing that. so instead I asked if I could just go into work late (which I still felt mad guilty about, but not as much as if she'd've driven 35x4 miles in 1 day). she said yes & I was able to stay home & do some laundry, change bedsheets, clean the kitchen and embroider a bib that I have been working on forEVER. {no, seriously. like whoa, forever.} and it was so refreshingly lovely to have an unexpected morning to myself in my home.

nico ended up getting my message on a break in between classes and was able to come home & take me to my vehicle. his first day school brain hadn't realized he had all the keys, and he felt really bad. but I ended up being kind of happy about the way it'd turned out.

but anyway, it cracked me up, comedy of errors that it was. I didn't realize it would be a book!

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